7 motivational podcasts for job seeking teachers

It can be hard to stay positive and motivated when you are searching for your next ideal role. We’ve hand-picked a selection of uplifting podcasts by teachers for teachers to keep you smiling while applying. Enjoy!

Journeys to Leadership with Adam Woodward - Tiny Voice Talks

In this episode, Toria Bono talked to @adamjames317, Director of Studies at a school in Kent and creator of Teacher Taskmaster, about his journey into leadership, what he has learnt along the way and what he continues to learn every day.

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Developing Student/NQT Mentors with Dr Marc Turu-Porcel – Teachers of Tomorrow

Dr Marc Turu-Porcel, university lecturer at Leeds Beckett chats openly about his background growing up, training and teaching in Spain before moving to England to undertake a Master's degree in Education Psychology. He highlights the cultural differences between being a male primary teacher in Spain and England, and why this has pushed him towards a career in academia.

His passion for helping people transferred from children to trainee teachers when he begun his research focussing on NQT and trainee mentors and the challenges they face in the current education system.

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The Magic of KS1 with Katie Hemmings

A fantastic conversation full of fun and laughs and a real buzz for teaching in KS1. 

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The Teachers’ Point of View – Matt Jessop

Matt Jessop is the headteacher of a National Sports School and Google Reference School in Cumbria. In this episode he discusses his views on education and where he feels it's improving. 

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How to cope as an NQT – NicoleQT Podcast

Nicole is a newly qualifier teacher and the host of the NicoleQT podcast. This episode is all about ways to make our life better in school as a NQT

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How Do We Define Success? – After School Club

Sam and Priya discuss how they got to this point in their teaching careers. They discuss the big questions surrounding success. How do we define it? Can we achieve it? Is it the same for everyone?

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Three Steps to Setting and Achieving Your Goals - The Teacher Career Coach

It can be difficult to make time to focus on personal or professional development when you have a busy schedule. If you're feeling overwhelmed, focus on implementing strategies to help you work on your goals more efficiently.

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